Habsheaven Tradepage

Frequently Asked Question

What do I consider to be appropriate shipping?

Single cards go out in pennysleeves, toploaders and team bags along with a decoy card in a bubble envelope.  Multiple cards go out in pennysleeves and are protected by at least two toploaders on either side and enclosed in a team bag.  I should add; I re-use toploaders and bubble envelopes and certainly don't mind receiving my cards in the same.

When do I ship?

I take all my mail directly to the post office.  Most packages get sent either next day or the day after depending on the time of the day the deal is agreed to.

Will I ask you to send first?

I might, it will depend on your trader rating on the various sites.  Please don't be offended.  Simply decline the trade if it is a problem.

What do we do if we can't find a card that was agreed to be sent in a deal? 

Occasionally, I agree to a trade while at work before I have confirmed that I still have the card.  This can happen from time to time if I forget to remove a card from my trade list or bucket.  I will inform you as soon as this happens and ask how you want to proceed.  I would expect the same from you.  I never mail out incomplete or altered trades without the trader's knowledge.

Will I trade down?

Absolutely, if you have cards I need, I will trade any available cards to get them. 

Do I use Beckett value, recent sales value or book values of some other sort? 

It all depends on the cards involved in the trade.  A lot of my wants and traders are of the older variety and finding recent sales activity is next to impossible.  For situations like this Beckett value is the easiest way to assess a deal.  For traders wanting to use sale values that is fine.  If I disagree with you I will simply cancel the trade.  I have no intention of trying to determine sale values on all my cards.

Do I have a minimum trade value on my deals?

I prefer to keep trades above $20  in value to make the postage costs more acceptable.  Exceptions to this would include; getting a large number of low valued cards that I need; helping a trader out that really needs a card and doesn't have a lot to trade; etc.

Do I have any trade references?

Currently, I can be found trading on Beckett (+643 trader rating) & Trading Card Central  (+8 trader rating) as Greg2424.  I can also be found on Hobby Insiders (+104 trader rating), Sportscardforum (+238 trader rating), Ebay (+808 rating at 100%) as habsheaven