Habsheaven Tradepage

                                                                                Bad Traders - Traders BEWARE!!!!

clay2beckett (Sportscard Forum) aka the_nation_rocks (Ebay) Jordan Samuels - I won an 09-10 The Cup Beliveau Gold Jersey #24/25 from him in Dec/10 on Ebay.  Card never arrived, seller made no attempt to communicate why.  Found a thread on SCF in Mar/11 trying to sell same card.  He has since been suspended on SCF. 

heatrush22 (Beckett & Hobby Insiders) Adam Schloesser, Southington, CT- Relatively new trader to both sites.  I did a deal with him on Beckett and requested he send first.  He agreed and sent out his end.  I received the cards, left feedback and immediately sent my end.  A week later he messages me asking where his cards are.  I reply that they were sent out and it usually takes more than a week for mail going from Canada to the US.  Later I see he has received his cards and I send him a PM asking him to leave feedback and mark the trade complete on Beckett.  I get no reply.  A week later I send another PM request on HI and Beckett (I can see that he has been on both sites in the meantime, so he obviously has seen my requests) again I get no reply or feedback left.  On Jul 7th (55 days after agreeing to the trade) I send an angry request and he finally replies cursing & swearing that I should be MORE patient, he also brings up the fact it took 3 weeks for my cards to arrive from Canada to the US and questions when I actually sent them.  After all that, still no feedback; not that I want any from him now.

sorianofan22 (Sportscard Forum) aka mikescards15 (ebay) Mike Patteson, Jonestown, PA - He had a great history and feedback rating on SCF.  I made a purchase on Mar 31/10 for a Champs hockey lot.  In May I started inquiring as to when he mailed out just to get an idea when to expect my cards.  He finally replied saying the cards were mailed the next day April 1st.  He asked me to be patient and I continued to wait.  By June, I decided to put the sale in "dispute".  Shortly thereafter two more sales he made were placed in dispute on SCF.  Mods contacted Mike to inquire about the deal and he basically "blew them off".  They were left with no alternative other than to ban him from trading/selling and eventually had to ban him from the site.  I finally contacted him on Ebay and his response was "I have made good on all my deals and I don't care about yours because you accused me of ripping you off."  I guess it doesn't matter if he actually sent the cards or not now.  They have never arrived and he refuses to do the right thing.

RAY OWENS - Carman, MB

He was late in sending cards, doesn't respond to repeated e-mails, 10 cards finally arrive crammed into two regular size toploaders, a note accompanies the cards stating he couldn't find one card. He makes no attempt to replace it, just hopes that it is okay. If it was just one thing, I would let it slide but all this put together in a single trade? I have to make note of it so I don't end up dealing with him again.

JAMES DUNN - St. John's, NF

Came across him on the TRADING CARD CENTRAL site. He wanted to trade for about 15 GU'd cards. I took a look at his history and his age and agreed to the trade if he sent first. He agreed. A month later I still had not received his cards. He claimed they were sent by registered mail. Come to find out, of his dozen or so pending deals on this site, going back over a month at the time, none had been finalized yet. Stay clear of this fool! He is now suspended from the site after ripping off about a dozen individuals.

BEN BERRY - New Albany, OH

Made one trade with Ben and everything went fine. However, after reading many bad experiences of late regarding him, I could no longer list him under my great traders. I will not be dealing with him again.


After repeated e-mails going unanswered I finally received my cards, or at least some of them, three were missing. To top it off, the cards I did get were wrapped in a single piece of paper inside a bubble mailer.


He said he was mailing on Apr 8th, after receiving nothing by April 25th, I sent an email asking if he did in fact send when he claimed on the 8th. He replied that he did send right away. I receive package on Apr 26th. It was post-marked Apr 19th from his city. Now I can accept that things come up, people procrastinate, whatever. But when I follow up wondering where it is and the guy tells a bold-faced lie, that's not right. I call him out on the post-mark date in a follow up email and his only response is to laugh about it. Some people have NO INTEGRITY.